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Wellness Journeys

Wellness Journeys - Balance & Beauty

Soori Sunrise

Soori Sunrise is the perfect half-day journey of physical rejuvenation, age-old beauty therapies and healthy cuisine; created to improve balance, elevate spirits and satisfy discerning palates with this holistic nurturing and nutritious half-day treat.

You are invited to soak up the energy of the sunrise and welcome the day as you breathe, stretch and balance your body with our yoga guru while overlooking spectacular ocean or mountains views, a rejuvenating moment enhanced by exercising in nature.

Followed by a delightful healthy breakfast served in a location of choice, you will enjoy the peaceful morning sunrays before indulging in a three hour-long Holistic treatment, rich of detoxifying and relaxing therapies. Our Spa follows local treatments’ rituals using indigenous ingredients and offering guests a gentle sense of inner peace tailored to individual needs.

The morning is completed with a healthy lunch prepared by our Executive Chef and Nutritionist in the dining location of choice. The selection of fresh, locally grown produce, is carefully designed to promote internal balance and overall wellbeing for a longer, healthier life.

Wellness Journeys - Where the inside and the outside blur

Soori Sunset

Be treated to an eclectic collection of Asian rejuvenation therapies and healthy cuisine in this half-day wellness package, designed to restore balance, lift the spirits and delight your palate with nutritious flavors.

Start the afternoon with 2.5 hours of wellness detoxifying treatment at the sanctuary of Soori Spa. At sunset, our experienced yoga and meditation guru will take you through a sequence of fluent and deliberate movements to open your mind, loosen limbs, tone muscles and rejuvenate your soul.

After your practice, nurture yourself with an intimate dinner for two featuring light and healthy designer cuisine prepared by our Executive Chef. Finish the evening by stargazing under the night sky as therapists apply thumb pressure to specific points on your feet to unblock energy flow and promote natural healing.

A cup of chamomile tea is left at your bedside to bid you a calm and restful night.

Wellness Journeys - Connecting individuals with the divine feminine

Tēmpl Dance

Developed and curated in collaboration with Ira Soundmagic, #StatesofBeingDesignProject, this sacred journey serves as more than a personal exploration, beyond the dance's physicality, a deepened sense of self, inner harmony, and an enriched awareness of the sacred in everyday life is enhanced creating a holistic sense of well-being while participating in a timeless tradition that transcends generations.

Tēmpl Dance is a guided sacred movement practice that connects individuals with the divine feminine. This practice honours the inner priestess archetype and views the body as a sacred vessel.

The guide's voice, combined with new age electronic music featuring mantras, is streamed directly through radio headphones, enhancing a transformative union of mind, body, and soul.

Our contemporary dance draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of traditional Balinese temple dances while capturing the enchanting spirit of the island's mystical landscapes, where every home has its own family temple.

The dance is a vibrant expression of devotion, reflecting the Balinese belief in the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual realms.