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Younger Guests Journeys

Journeys for Little Ones - Traditional Kite Flying

Let's Fly a Kite

Traditional kite making and kite flying on the beach. Bali is also known for its aviation – traditional kites!

Discover the various forms of the traditional Balinese kite, from Bebean, Janggan or the simple Cotek. The little ones are encouraged to have a go at the tools and materials commonly used in creating these airborne masterpieces, and create their own. Head to the beach and call for the wind to let their creation soar in the Kelating skies.

Journeys for Little Ones - Traditional Arts & Crafts

A Lotta Terracotta

Make special gifts from terracotta at Pejaten village. Find out how the traditional earthenware and clay items are made.

Experience a hands-on journey for the day of play with clay! Get busy at the turntables to create, colour or decorate your favourite terracotta items, from mugs to scale-model houses, or whatever your creativity unleashes – all done during a visit to a local craftsman from Pejaten, the hub of Bali’s terracotta industry.

Journeys for Little Ones - Conservation & Nature

A World of Butterflies

Journey to a World of Butterflies! The little ones can enjoy a walk through the tropical habitat and study the ecosystem, breeding and protection of butterflies.

They can observe various colourful and exotic species of butterflies, including the rare Bird Wing Butterfly. Our Leisure Concierge will provide insights on butterfly conservation, and, at the end of the journey, find a preserved specimen for them to take home.

Journeys for Little Ones - Cooking classes with chef

The Soori Little Chef

Get the Little Ones to don an apron and a chef’s hat, and embark on a brief journey of fun, flavours, colours and creation in a session of cookie making and decorating with our Pastry Chef.

They can find out about the choices of simple ingredients for their favourite cookie design, and with a bit of guidance from our chef, go on to create the best make, bake and take. Will it be a smiley with a choco-chip? Or perhaps a colourful one covered with Smarties? All theirs to shape, create, and enjoy!

Journeys for Little Ones  - Traditional dancing

Plant the Rice

A chance to take part of local communities' daily activity and help the farmers in nearby rice fields.

Tune in to the slower pace of life in the countryside as you plant your own shoots and learn about the harvest process, using methods handed-down through generations.

This hands-on lesson in planting rice shoots in the shallow paddies with your hands is a chance to rediscover the joys of playing in the mud…